Top 5 Trading Apps in India to Earn Money Without Investment

Top 5 Trading Apps in India to Earn Money Without Investment

If you are among those people who are thinking to start trading in India, then you are at the right place. There are several apps in which you can earn money through refer and earn and then you can start investing that money in the share market through Trading. You haven’t put any investment in the share market you can just invest the reference on income to trade.

Let’s see the best trading apps in India to earn money without investment:

1)- Groww

Groww Is the best trading app that is used by a million of investors in India. The user interface of the Groww app is very simple and easy to use, which allows the beginner who is just starting trading in India, can easily understand the basic knowledge through this app. The second, thing that the Groww app provides to its investors is security. The founders and team of Groww company have focused more on the security of their user base which is a great step for any business. There is no charge for opening a Demat account and trading account in the Groww app. Users will find two ways to invest. Number 1 is Stocks and number 2 is Mutual Funds. This app also provides information about the top gainers and losers in Small-cap companies, Mid-cap companies, and Large-cap companies per day. High dividends, High returns, Stocks in News & Fundamentally Strong Stocks are one of the best categories. They have categorized the stocks which is easy for users to select the kind of stock they are looking to invest.

The refer and earn option in Groww App is also great. It allows the users to earn ₹ 100 cashback for referring. If someone sign-up through your link then they will get ₹ 100 cashback and you will get 100 rupees cashback. It’s totally up to you if you want to invest that 100 rupees in stocks or refund it in your bank account.

2)- Upstox App

Upstox is one of the best Trading App in India in 2023, after the growing app. The reason why Upstox has become one of the best trading apps in India is the loads of features they provide to their users, along with the refer and earn option. The Upstox app allows users to invest in various markets. These markets include FNO, Equity, Derivatives, Stocks, and much more. Users can also apply for IPO from this app. Upstox app was previously known as RKSV Securities but now its well unknown as Upstox pro.

When it comes to the refer & earn on bonuses if you refer your friend to stock you will get 200 rupees in your up stocks wallet the breakup of this ₹200 is when your friend opens their account you will get ₹100 and when they paid for the first time you will get another ₹100 in your Upstox wallet it totally depends on you that if you want to invest the amount in the same market FNO derivatives IPO‘s or you can also redeem the amount straightaway to your bank account.

3)- Zerodha

Another app that is famous in the share market investment is Zerodha. The Zerodhahas got much recognition from people in India. It’s because of the features they offer. Users can invest their money in the Zerodhaapp in various shares, sip of mutual funds, and the IPO (initial public offering). As of now, there is no charge for opening a Demat account in the Zerodha app. The referral income of this Zerodhaapp is quite unique. When you refer your friend or family member you will get 10% off the brokerage amount for the rest of your lifetime, along with that you will also get 300 points for each referral. You can use these points to subscribe to the Zerodha app and get the paid service.

4)-  Paytm Money

Another app on our list is Paytm Money. Paytm has been in the market for a long time. Mainly it has been used for UPI Payments, Bank Transfers, Mobile Recharge, Electricity, and Bills Payments. Paytm wallet transfer and the Paytm payments bank but in recent years Paytm has introduced the Paytm money app. This app has been introduced for traders who invest their money in trading. With the help of the Paytm Money app, you can invest your money in Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, IPOs and NPO and much more. The referral and earn income in Paytm Money is currently not active, it is active from time to time. When it becomes active it offers ₹ 300 cashback for every new user who have registered from a referral link. You can earn a lot of money while just referring your friends and family member to invest in the stock market. 

5)- 5 Pesa Trading App

The last trading app on our list is 5-Pesa Trading App. A person can easily download install and then sign up on this app to start investing. New user has to verify themselves by providing OTP and then they can start investing through the 5-Pesa Trading App. You can invest your money in Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, SIP, Mutual Fund, Insurance, IPO, Gold Loan, and US stocks. Along with that, users can also watch the index to monitor their performance. Users have to maintain a minimum balance of ₹ 100 in their account and ₹ 30 is charged every month from 5 paisa.