Top 5 Apps for Stock Trading in India

 Top 5 Apps for Stock Trading in India

Are you looking for apps in India to invest your money? Then you are the right place as in this article we will tell you the apps in India for trading in stocks. As we are moving towards 2024, the rise of technology has provided us with an ease to trade. The trading can be done from the comfort of our home with just a smartphone or a pc.

The Benefits of Trading Apps

There are many trading apps available in the market and they have gained immense popularity due to the features they offer. Let’s see the features of the apps below :

1- Accessibility & Convenience to Use

The old method of trading includes much paperwork and complex process. But as the apps have been in the markets, trading has become much easier.  A user just has to download the app, signup by providing the basic details, and register by uploading their ID, OTP process will take place. Done!! You can start trading. This is the accessibility and the convenience trading app provides to their users.

2- Low Amount Required

When it comes to trading nowadays low or very little amount is required to start trading or sometimes even virtual money can also be traded for practice this enhances the lower barrier of entry in the market which provides the opportunity to learn without risking their big chunk of money.

3- Shares can be Monitored in Real-Time

Trading apps provide real-time market trends and the performance of your investment one can track their portfolio easily and execute their trades instantly.

Now let’s discuss the best trading apps in India to earn money without investment:

1)-  Upstox App

Upstocks is one of the best trading apps in India in 2023 there are lots of reason to support this statement the up stocks app help you to trade in share market F and O equity derivatives and much more previously it was known as rk sv securities but now it’s known as Upstox pro.

You can also refer your friend and get ₹ 200 in your Upstox wallet if you are referred person will open their account then you will get 100RS and if they will trade for the first time then you will get ₹ 100.

2)- Groww

Groww is another trading app that is used by millions of people. It is one of the simplest trading apps which can be used by a beginner, also it has great features of security and processing. There is no charge for opening any Demat and Trading account. You can also invest your money in shares and mutual funds. The Groww app also runs refer and earn offers. In the refer & earn offer the person who will join by your link will get rupees 100 cashback and you will also get 100 rupees cashback in your Groww wallet. you can either use that money to invest in stocks or can also withdraw it in your bank account.

3)-  Paytm Money

Paytm Money is another app for traders who can start their investment journey online. You can invest your money in Stocks, Mutual Funds, or IPO. NPS and F&O through the Paytm money app. You can download the Paytm money app and start investing in the market or start trading in just 30 minutes. The refer and earn option in the Paytm money app is not open right now but the Paytm app releases their refer and earn option in which a person gets ₹300 cashback for every new user registered through their referral link.

4)- Kite by Zerodha

Zerodha is one of the best apps to invest in India in 2023. Many people prefer this app for their first trade. This app offers many features to its users. There is no charge for opening a Demat account in the Zerodha app. You can invest your money in Shares, sip SIP, Mutual Funds, and IPO. The referral and earning income from the Zerodha app is quite appealing. If you refer your friend or any family member in this app you will get 10% of the brokerage amount for a lifetime you will also get 300 reward points for each referral. You can also withdraw the brokerage earnings to your bank account or you can also redeem your reward points to get the paid services in the Zerodha app.

5)- 5 esa Trading App

The 5 Pesa trading app is another great app for investing and trading a person who has created his account in the 5 Pesa app can invest their money in Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stock Market, IPO, SIP, Gold Loans and Stocks in the US market. In this app, a person will get Live Chart, Nifty 50, and Sensex to monitor the market live. The only down thing that 5 Paisa have is that you have to maintain a minimum balance of 100 rupees, and ₹30 is charged every month from users.