Apple Watch Series 8 Price in India

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in India

With the launch of the iPhone 14 series and the Airports Pro 2, Apple has also launched its Apple Watch Series 8. The new Apple watch series 8 comes with a big display size and new features. In this article, we will tell you about the Apple Watch Series 8 price in India its features, and much more. Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 8 which comes in three colors: Starlight aluminum, Silver aluminum, and midnight aluminum. The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with many features which are new in this industry along with many sensors.


The Apple Watch Series 8 is not only released in India but also released in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UAE, the UK, the United States, and other 40 countries as well. The Apple Watch Series 8 is at its lowest price on E-commerce sites in India and this might be the best time to purchase the Apple watch. The Apple Watch, which was officially announced at the rate of ₹ 45,900 on the online store of Apple, is now available at ₹32899 on the Amazon website. In India, people can also get discounts after clubbing the purchase with some bank credit cards.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in India

The Apple Watch Series 8 is ₹ 45,900 and after ₹ 3000 discount it is available in ₹ 42,900. At the official website of Apple, they have not only launched the Apple Watch Series 8 but Apple Watch Ultra and Watch Special Edition has also been launched by Apple. The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is ₹ 89,900 and after getting ₹ 4000 cashback, people can get the Apple Watch Ultra at an effective price of ₹ 85,900. When it comes to the special edition Apple watch the MRP of this watch is ₹ 29,900 and after getting ₹ 2000 cash back the effective price of this watch is ₹ 27,900.

Let’s See What Apple Watch Series 8 has to Offer 

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes in two screen sizes, The 41MM and the 45MM. The price of the 41MM screen size of Apple watch series 8 is ₹ 45,900 and the effective price after ₹ 3000 cashback is ₹ 42,900. The 45MM screen size of the Apple watch comes at ₹ 48900 and after getting ₹ 3000 cashback, people can get this watch at ₹ 45900.

Apple Watch Series 8 Specs

The shape of this watch is rectangular and the strap is made up of silicon material. This watch is a touch screen & has a water resistance rating. The depth of water resistance is 50 meters. This watch is ideal for people who are into fitness and outdoor.

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with four color options which are: Midnight Starlight, Silver, and Red for Aluminum Case. For the Stainless Steel models it is available in three colors: Silver, Gold, and Graphite. The Apple Watch Series 8 looks similar to the last series 7 watch but a new features like a larger display with always on display feature, a body temperature sensor and much more, which can discover the Wrist Temperature of any person after every 5 Seconds, Heart Rate Sensors, ECG Scanner which works very fast with the new S8 chip. 

People can buy the Apple Watch 8 series from Flipkart, Amazon and Chroma. The watch has Wi-fi Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, Scratch Resistance, Blood Oxygen Monitor, 1.61-inch touch display with 454 X 380 pixels of resolution. The Brightness of this watch is up to 1000 nits and has got 32GB of built memory.

What Sets the Apple Watch Apart from other Watches

As we all know that the market is flooded with smartwatches. Some are from Chinese brand some are locals, and the Apple 8 Watch stand out from all of them. With integrations of some smart features of the Apple ecosystem, the integration with Apple devices like iPhones, Air Pods, and their services makes it a great choice for those who are already in the ecosystem or who are willing to go.


The Apple Watch Series 8 has got many styles innovations and functions that set it apart from any of its rivals. While the price of Apple watch series 8 is ₹ 45,900 and ₹ 48,900 with 41MM screen size and 45MM screen size. Currently, it is the best time to go for the Apple Watch Series 8, as it is currently at its lowest price from the date of its launch. It has been launched with other products of Apple which is the iPhone 14 series and airport pro. Users can buy this smartwatch from websites like, and Chroma stores. People can also buy this watch offline from the Apple store and Chroma offline stores. We hope that this article has given you the exact information that you are looking for.