USPS Is Changing the Way Brands Use Direct Mail

USPS Is Changing the Way Brands Use Direct Mail


It’s simple to underestimate the efficiency of conventional direct mail marketing in the era of digital marketing. Through its informed Delivery programme, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is upending the status quo.

Businesses may now send direct mail pieces that customers can see digitally before that customers can see digitally before they are delivered to their mailboxes thanks to this ground-breaking programme. Informed Delivery will be discussed in this article, along with how it is altering the way businesses use direct mail advertising.

Reaching a specific audience with direct mail marketing has long been a successful strategy for businesses. Yet, with development of digital marketing, the development of digital marketing, the efficacy of conventional direct mail has come under security.

The USPS’s Informed Delivery programme can help with that. With the use of this initiative, firms can send direct mail items that can be viewed online before being put in the recipient’s mailbox. This allows businesses the chance to make a good first impression and raises the likelihood that potential customers will open and interact with their direct mail item.

1. What is Informed Delivery by USPS?

Via the USPS Informed Delivery initiative, customers may examine their incoming mail and parcels before they are delivered. A smartphone app or web dashboard can be used to access this service, which is free.

The user receives an email notification when new mail arrives, along with a picture of the mail item and sender information. Users may control mail delivery and track packages in real-time thanks to this.

By including a grayscale image of their mail item in the user’s preview, businesses can benefit from Informed Delivery. The user can view a preview of the mail item before it actually reaches their mailbox. This improves the first impression and raises the likelihood that the direct mail piece will be opened and read.

Using informed delivery has a variety of advantages for both customers and enterprises. Customers may control their mail delivery and follow their parcels in real-time thanks to this. It gives companies a fresh chance to interact with their target market and boost the efficiency of their direct mail marketing initiatives.

2. How Informed Delivery Is Changing Direct Mail Marketing:

While being used for many years, traditional direct mail marketing has never been able to match the level of engagement and tracking possibilities offered by digital marketing. With informed delivery, this is altering. Businesses may make a better first impression and improve the success of their direct mail efforts by giving users a preview of their incoming letter.

Businesses can track the delivery of their direct mail pieces in real-time thanks to informed delivery. They can so precisely track the delivery and opening of each item of mail they receive. They may use this information to make modifications and increase their ROI by giving them insightful information about the success of their direct mail campaign.

3. Interactive Campaigns and Informed Delivery:

Also, firms have the chance to develop interactive campaigns thanks to informed delivery. Businesses can direct readers to a landing page or offer page by incorporating a call-to-action into their grayscale picture. Unlike traditional direct mail marketing, this results in an engaging experience.

A significant national retailer that employed Informed Delivery as part of their marketing campaign observed a 15% boost in sales for a particular product as a result of their use of the service.

Using Informed Delivery to direct customers to their website so they could place orders is another example. Online orders increased by 28% as a result of this.

4. Tracking and Analytics with Informed Delivery:

For their direct mail initiatives, firms can track and analyze each piece in great detail thanks to Informed Delivery. This comprises the sum of each campaign’s impressions, clicks, and conversions. Businesses can use this information to optimize their direct mail campaigns for optimal return on investment and make data-driven decisions.

Also, businesses can track the delivery and open rates of their direct mail pieces thanks to Informed Delivery. Businesses can utilize this information to determine which components were effective and which ones components were effective and which ones require improvement. Businesses may enhance their direct mail efforts and boost their efficacy by examining this data.

5. Targeting and Personalization with Informed Delivery:

Businesses may target and tailor their direct mail efforts with the help of informed delivery. Businesses can design targeted ads that are geared to particular demographics or interests by using consumer data. This improves the recipient’s experience and makes it more likely that they will interact and convert.

Also, organizations can add customized messaging to their grayscale photos using Informed Delivery. The name of the recipient or other individualized information may be included here. This makes the experience more personal and can raise the likelihood that the direct mail piece will be opened and read.

6. USPS Informed Delivery Mail: Best Practices for Brands:

There are a few practices that companies should adhere to while employing Informed Delivery for direct mail marketing. Using powerful design and messaging comes first. The grayscale preview image ought to have an obvious call-to-action and be visually appealing. Also, the branding should be consistent with other marketing materials, and the language should be concise and clear.

Second, companies ought to think about leveraging personalization to boost customer engagement. This may entail personalizing the message to a particular demographic or set of interests, or adding the recipient’s name to the grayscale image.

Ultimately, it’s critical to monitor and evaluate each campaign’s outcomes. Businesses can use this data to make data-driven decisions for upcoming campaigns and gain insightful information about the campaigns effectiveness.


Direct mail marketing is evolving thanks to USPS’s Intelligent Delivery. Businesses may improve the success of their campaigns and make a better first impression by giving users a preview of their incoming mail. Additionally, Informed Delivery gives companies thorough tracking and analytics so they can plan their future efforts based on solid data.

The future of direct mail marketing could be greatly impacted by informed delivery. Businesses may improve the efficiency of their direct mail efforts and enhance ROI by targeting specific demographics, creating interactive campaigns, and monitoring outcomes in real-time. It’s conceivable that informed delivery will play an even bigger role in direct mail marketing as technology develops.

Informed Delivery by USPS is a game-changer for direct mail advertising, to sum up. It could improve the efficacy of direct mail initiatives and result in higher ROI by giving businesses new chances for engagement and tracking.

Companies are expected to reap major benefits from this ground-breaking programme provided they embrace informed delivery and adhere to best standards for design, targeting, and tracking.

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