Top 10 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas

Top 10 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas

On-demand applications are on the hype with users looking for convenience, simplicity, and speed. And especially after the Covid-19 outbreak, people now prefer to get things delivered directly to their homes and stay at home. With this change, if you want to create an on-demand app, check out our list of top 10 on-demand mobile app ideas that are in demand. You can choose an app idea from here for your new project. Let us get started:

What Is an On-Demand App?

An on-demand app lets users place their orders for immediate fulfilment. Such apps let users get a product or service instantly or schedule the same for later as per their availability. It works as a moderator between businesses and consumers.

Nowadays, various on-demand services and solutions are there for different industries, such as delivery, food, taxi, healthcare, education, and more. We can avail of any service or product within minutes. However, the app charges a fee from both sides (businesses and customers) to offer optimum services. Yet, people like to pay for them instead of looking for the best service provider and physically going to avail them.

Top 10 On-Demand Application Ideas

The list below describes the top 10 on-demand application ideas to help you get started with a new on-demand business venture:

1. On-Demand Apps for Traveling

The travel and transport industry are huge. So, there are taxi booking apps, cargo logistic apps, e-scooter apps, bus booking apps, and more. People who travel often count on the top travel apps. So, these apps should be easy to access and, in their budget, to use. With on-demand Uber-like travel apps, you can ask your app developers New York to make your targeted niche, with a few attractive features, such as a GPS navigator, rescheduling rides, no additional costs on navigation, and live traffic checking.

2. On-Demand Apps for Beauty Services

If you have a beauty service business already, you can add a beauty service app and start gaining huge, unbeatable profits. Even those who are new in the business can get a lucrative business model. Working women nowadays, do not get much time to go to salons. So, they need efficient solutions that can serve them the best services. It is what the on-demand apps for beauty services will offer them. With the best software developers Dubai, you can create a powerful on-demand app for beauty solutions.

3. On-Demand Apps for Grocery Delivery

Nobody likes to leave their home on weekends these days for grocery shopping. More and more people choose to buy groceries using on-demand grocery applications for their routine shopping needs. However, develop a competitively stable supplication, which has both advanced and common features like a chatbot, real-time tracking, push notifications, scheduled delivery, in-store pickup, and more.

4. -Demand Apps for Pharmacy Delivery

Creating an on-demand pharmacy or medicine delivery application with a user-friendly interface and features can help gain profits as its demand is on the rise in the market. Make sure that the app meets all emergencies and pharmaceutical needs as this will grab attention from more users.

5. On-Demand Apps for Home Cleaning

These days, people like to hire professional home cleaners from on-demand apps for home cleaning jobs. So, investing in this app is a great idea if you’re looking to begin a new venture. However, be innovative while including features like in-app navigation, subscription plans, chatbots, online invoicing, GPS tracking, and more. They will help your app get everyone’s attention and make the application super-efficient.

6. On-Demand Apps for Video Streaming

Video streaming apps can transform the whole on-demand video industry. They have transformed the ways people watched shows and movies earlier. Such apps have everything including convenience, flexibility, choosing, and downloading preferred videos to add enjoyable experiences to the lives of users. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people don’t prefer to go outside to watch movies. Hence, making an on-demand app for video streaming can be the best app idea.

7. On-Demand Apps for Flight Booking

Along with smartphone applications, the travel business is also flourishing. Application development has enhanced the whole travel business significantly. Particularly, in the flight booking business, you can now book flights with a few clicks and do not even need to pay commissions to the travel agents. If you create a flight booking application with additional features such as a weather forecast or a reward system, the app has a higher possibility of becoming successful.

8. On-Demand Apps for Payment Wallets

Cashless transactions have become the new norm. You can create a smart payment wallet with unique features and secure services. Such apps let users pay using their smartphones only within a few seconds. If you want to build an on-demand payment wallet, you should act immediately.

9. On-Demand Apps for Doctor Booking

If you ever fall sick at night and are not in the situation to visit a hospital or drive yourself to a clinic for a checkup, it is good to have an on-demand app for doctor booking. With such an app, you can contact a nearby doctor through video, voice, or simple call and discuss your problem with them. The doctor with this app can also help you with your prescription to purchase medicines from the comfort of your home.

10. On-Demand Apps for Tutoring

After COVID-19, more and more parents prefer online tutoring services. In such a scenario, adapting digitization in education can create great opportunities for a business. Develop a tutoring app with exclusive USPs and tech-savvy features to grab the eyeballs, such as tutorials, live coaching, note preparations, class recordings, and more.

On-demand applications are the solutions for business expansion and growth, whether it is a large enterprise or an SME. You can even start a business venture with any of the above on-demand app ideas. Find an idea that best suits your skills and business.

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