Everything You Need to Know About Google Smart Lock

Everything You Need to Know About Google Smart Lock

How many times in a day do you unlock your smartphone through pin pattern or password most of the time right what about I’ll tell you that Google has created a Google Smart Lock since a long long time which allows you to unlock your phone or your chromebook without entering a pin password or a pattern it is cool right a user just has to create a certain criteria and you can unlock your smartphone or your chromebook without a password at a certain. With just a few taps.

What is the Google Smart Lock

Google smart lock is a system that has been created by Google which aims the user to access their devices much faster and you don’t need to worry about either security if you are at your home you don’t want to enter your password every time you pick up your smart phone google has solved this problem by creating a Google Smart Lock you don’t need to be worried as this feature also allows you to switch back to your regular security at public places.

There are three different kind of smart locks products that Google has created

  1. Smart lock for Android
  2. Smart lock for passwords
  3. Smart lock for chromebook

Now that you know that what does Google Smart Lock mean, let’s see the features of Google Smart Lock:

1- The on Body Detection

With this amazing feature your smartphone will stay unlocked as long as it’s in your hand or your pocket as you put your device down or somewhere your device will lock itself automatically just like the regular security which will not allow any unauthorized access.

2- Trusted Device

This amazing features allow the user to pair their smartphone with a bluetooth device like Smartwatch Fitness bands airports which are trusted once you have paid your device with them your phone will stay unlocked until it is disconnected or until it is inactive for 4 hours.

3. Trusted Place

This feature allow the users to select a location such as their office location or their home location where their smartphone will remain unlocked once you will leave that location your smartphone will lock automatically or after 4 hours of the inactivity of your smartphone.

4. Tusted Face

However the face recognition is not new in the Android world but Google Smart Lock also allows the feature to unlock the smartphone with facial recognition. There are certain flaws to this feature as people can trick the smartphone with your photo or a computer generated mask however Google has worked on this feature and the new version has improved but the facial recognition feature is still considered as less secure than the traditional passwords or pin.

5. Trusted Voice Match

The trusted voicemail feature allows you to unlock your smartphone using the voice recognition why because of the ai generated voice this feature is not the most secure option for your Android device as we all know that a voice cannot be encrypted which makes it not a good option to use for the security purposes.

The Google Smart log allows you to access your smartphone in a much faster way when you are at your home office or using your smartphone through tested devices without altering the password but as you all know that there are certain disadvantages of technology the same goes with Facebook people from all around the world are getting problem while accessing the Facebook using the Google Smart Lock.

As the autopilot auction of the Facebook password was allowing any person to access the account of any other person which is available on the device people are started disabling the Google Smart Lock from their Facebook . First you need to Delete the Facebook passwords credentials from Google.

For this go to Device setting then head towards the Google click on the password manager then you need to go to the security Then you need to click on the password manager now you have to search and click on the Facebook option on the next screen you will see your password you have to delete that password.

What is Google Smart Lock on android

Google smart lock on Android means that users can use these amazing features and Google Smart Lock on their Android device they can use the on body detection method to safeguard their smartphone and to access it easily they can use the trusted device option where they can pair their smartphone with the Bluetooth device and it will remain unlocked until its being disconnected and the third one is trusted place feature which allow the user to select a location where the smartphone will remain unlocked and once they leave that location it will lock itself .

Let’s see how you can enable the smart lock on your Android smartphone :

– Open your device settings

– Head over to the security option

– Then select the advanced setting

– Choose the Google Smart log option

– To verify its you enter your passcode or screen lock

Now you have three options on body detection trusted places or trusted devices you can choose anyone of them if you like.

– Now follow the on screen instruction to enable the Smart Lock


How to delete count on Google Smart Lock

To delete the account on Google Smart Lock you have to open your chrome browser & in from to your Google account on the top right corner of your screen you have to click on the three dots and then go to your settings after going to setting click on the advance under the passwords option select the manage password option find the website or an app for which you want to delete the login information and you need to click delete this will delete your login information then close all the tabs and windows

Can I use Google Smart Lock for Chromebook

Absolutely yes the Google has created smart log for both Android and chromebook as well you can easily log into your system To use this feature you need to link the smartphone and that smartphone needs to be unlocked and have a bluetooth turned on that is it you can easily use the smart lock for your chromebook to turn off or on the smart lock on your chromebook go to the bottom right screen of your chromebook and select the time then select the setting until the connected devices you can see your smartphone click on your smartphone and then the smart lock on or off